The Benefits of Leg Lifts, Oblique Exercises & Lower Ab Workouts

Written by Michael Nersesian

Learn about the benefits of having a strong core

We all know the benefits of working out. Today we’ll specifically discuss the benefits of a strong core and how movements such as oblique exercises and lower ab workouts will improve your quality of life.

Can you recollect a poor fitness experience? Like maybe that time you finally garnered the courage to step into and sign up at your local gym. You’re pitched all different types of packages. You’re provided complimentary sessions as an opportunity to try to up-sell. If you didn’t partake in an expensive personal training program, maybe you ended up lifting weights on our own with a program you found online alongside some ad-hoc cardio sessions. All the while, you felt judged by the very personal trainers you didn’t employ and other gym goers who seem to live in these facilities. You wonder, do these people work or have other responsibilities? There’s no wonder why up to 70% of gym memberships go completely unused. As important as it is, it can be very intimidating, uninspiring and generally inconvenient.

If time permitted, you carried out some stretching sessions after your exercises and called it a day. You’re feeling really accomplished at this point, but not inspired enough to make it a discipline.

Of course, working out in any capacity is beneficial for our bodies and minds. We all know the hormonal feeling over the following few hours that brings us back wanting more. The mental clarity. The general euphoria. It’s a godsend.

And there are so many ways of getting it in, but what we are about to discuss is key to making sure your daily movements are healthy and your fitness routines are optimized.

Basics of Core Conditioning

Core Conditioning has been misunderstood for years. Core strength is not just about having washboard abs that are visible through your shirt – it’s the foundation of every human movement. From lifting heavy objects, to carrying groceries, we should never underestimate the benefits of having a strong core. Core muscles are important in everything from strength training to simple everyday activities like getting out of bed. Everyone should know how to strengthen their core and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Core Conditioning is the act of strengthening your abdomen and torso. This includes abdominal muscles in the front, side and back of the body – as well as the muscles around the shoulders, pelvis, and spinal column. Core strength not only helps with everyday activities like carrying groceries, but also with committing to a fitness routine and achieving a desired weight. Core muscles are powerful stabilizers – they keep your spine in the right position while you work out, and make certain exercises more comfortable. Core strength is particularly important for those who lead an active lifestyle (like professional athletes, military personnel, or firefighters) because it aids in providing balance and helps prevent injury. Core strength can also help improve your posture by providing stability through your back muscles, which is essential for proper spinal alignment and will protect spinal discs. It improves balance so you won’t fall flat when getting off the train at rush hour! It also increases power and flexibility, because core muscles are involved in almost every human movement. As we can see, core strength is not just important for athletes and isn’t just about having a six pack. It’s about living a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Although selectorized equipment, barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells can challenge your core when used properly and with intention, we are instead focusing on targeted exercises and movements which drive flexibility, strengthen the abdominal walls, and improve your posture. Many of these oblique exercises and lower ab workouts will challenge your very being.

Good posture leads to improved form. Good form allows you to lift heavier weights. Lifting heavier weights, leads to getting stronger, which with nutrition can subsequently lead to lower body fat composition.

Core Conditioning is the conduit to making sure you have a well-balanced and healthy aging body. Also, let’s not completely deny the aesthetic implications, wink-wink. Health and aesthetics win-win, right?

Benefits of Having a Strong Core

Core conditioning has been proven to dramatically improve back pain, improve balance and mobility, lessen running injuries, improve the strength of every part of your body that moves, improve breathing efficiency, reduce spinal wear, reduce wear on hips and knees and increase energy. The benefits are truly endless. And as we all continue to age, we seek this type of return on investment – allowing for a graceful aging process.

Let’s talk about some of these benefits of having a strong core some more:

Increased Flexibility – Working on maximizing flexibility, flexion, and extension, does wonders for the muscles and ligaments of your abdominal wall. The ability to maximize flexion and extension through movements such as the leg lift programs, oblique exercises and lower ab workouts with the UNIX CORE, create a strong and stable core and back. With a stabilized back, stress and tension are removed from the body, giving you an even greater range of motion, which allows for better form and faster muscle gains. It’s the compound effect.

Improve Running Speed – With all the strengthening of the torso, hips, and pelvis, as well as focused stretching, especially around your hamstrings, you will run faster and longer. A strong core will prevent injury and catapult your personal records.

Reduce Back Pain – Training your core will give you a stronger and healthier lower back, which reduces the chances of debilitating injury. According to Georgetown University, “Nearly 65 million Americans reported having back pain. It’s the sixth most costly condition in the United States, as health care costs and indirect costs due to back pain are over $12 billion per year.”

Not only will having a stronger core reduce injury, but it is particularly useful when lifting weights with such exercises as Squats and Deadlifts. These two compound movements, when done correctly, dramatically improve your posture and body composition. In supplementation to oblique exercises and lower ab workouts, these afore mentioned compound movements are a key component to UNIX’s programming.

The thing to remember is, you don’t need a gym to carry out core conditioning, oblique exercises or lower ab workouts. With the right specialized equipment, this movement can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Instead of aimlessly wandering your gym, invest in a multi-functional at home fitness unit and high-level programming that will challenge everything you know about core conditioning, digital fitness and working out from home. You can navigate selections of full body workouts from all disciplines with a focus on core conditioning. Again, from the convenience and comfort of your home.

Visit UNIX today to learn more about how we are revolutionizing the way we work out from home.


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